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Wheel bearings ?

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Ok i went to the shop today where I was getting my fork seals changed, new tires and a new chain put on.. and i had the mechanic show me what all was he was doing and he said that the wheel bearing was about to go sometime.. what is that and what are the dangers to leaving it too long (until i can get some more cash to have it BACK in the shop, and how much will this put me back?
thanks !
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I just replaced all the wheel bearings on my ZX a couple months ago ... two in front and three in the rear ... and all told it was about $75 for parts w/shipping. Did the work myself so no labor costs ... so you'll have to figure an hour or two labor into the mix.

I agree the chances are slim a bearing will just go POP and fall apart ... you will usually feel/hear it going out long before a total failure ... and letting it get to the failure point is a really bad thing.
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