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Eddie Vedder :2devil
First CD rocked "One".

I for one am looking forward to see what Scott Stapp can congeer up for him self. He dose not need to let his talent go to waist via the bottle nor attitude.

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neutom72 said:
I was sad to hear that CREED had disbanded. However, I heard the single from Alter bridge and thought it was pretty good. I just wish that the Creed boys could pick a name AWAY from the "Jesus Thing". When I hear Alter, I envision church right away. I understand the meaning behind their name, but there are better names that would sound better. GREAT sounding band, and I think the singer sounds pretty good. Time will tell I guess.

As for the PEARL JAM comments. Anyone else out there tired of hearing the lame excuses for Pearl Jam??? Scott Stapp sounded NOTHING like ol whats his name, I'm drawing a blank. Pearl Jam was a WAY over rated band... that's funny, where did they go? Haven't heard from them!?

Eddie Vedder- and they did re-evolutionize music... they weren't alone mind you but they did have a part in it....Best concert I ever went to was in '91. I went to see the Chili Peppers at a small bar in toronto. Maybe 100 people were there and the 1st opening band was the Smashing pumpkins, then Pearl Jam and the Chili's head lining. It was :headbang awesome!!!
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