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I wanted to drop in and say hello. I think it has been about 7 weeks since I have been to any website other than work related stuff, and I am missing it alot. One thing I can say about not visiting my favorite motorcycle sites is the mod bug has really tamed itself. Other than routine maintenance I haven't done anything to my bike recently.

Anyways, I got a new job and it has kept me really busy. By the time I get home if I do get on the pc it is to play some games. I have managed to catch the MotoGP races, although not live. I've been riding to work more recently, even though I am still pretty paranoid on the road, which I think is a good thing (for those that don't remember I got into a tangle with a Marta bus).

So I am about 25 miles shy of the big 20k milestone. My bike needs new tires (8k miles on em), brakes, plugs, and a few other little things. I am trying to hold off until I buy a house, hopefully in the next month. I finally got around to making a new video, just trying out different angles:

My New Video

Well I see alot of new people here, and hope to have time to read through some posts soon.

Oh yeah... did I miss sbn fantasy football signup?

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