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Post up the mods that you have in your bike to include the kitchen sink if you have one in there!

Here are mine on the 600RR

Puig DB screen
Scotts Dampner
Marchisini (sp?) gas Cap
DiGi Gear indicator
Full Arata Ti System
PC3USB with DK map
BMC Race Filter
Sato Frame sliders
Sato Swing arm sliders
UFO integrated Tail light
SD LED turn signals
100 W bright white headlights

so what you guys got?

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sweet bike (see my sig for my mods).

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mirrored windscreen
polished frame
chrome wheels/swingarm
D&D pipe
Intergrator(not sure which brand)

That is about it, lol

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HotBodies Undertail Kit.
Polished frame, sub-frame, swingarm, wheel lips.
Full Micron Exhaust
Power Commander
Carbon Fiber Ram Air Tunnels
House of Colors Candy Orange custom paint job.

1,553 Posts guys make my mod list look gay... But then, my bike makes me look gay.... So I guess it evens out. :D

04 Kawasaki EX-500 (Ninja 500R)
Custom fender eliminator setup w/ angled license plate
Cat-eye rear signals
[The rest of these haven't been installed yet, but they have been purchased and are on their way, so I'll count them]
Hindle stainless full 2 into 1 system
Titanium can
K&N drop in

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Memorize your top gear rpms man...thats what I do, so I know if I'm in sixth or not. I know at 45 I'm doing like 3500 I think....and every 5 mph increase in speed is roughly 500 rpms more. :D But I've done the sixth gear kicker every now and then.... Always makes ya feel like a tool.

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frame sliders
clutch slider
ART exhaust can
K&N air filter
Custom brit graphics
hacked rear fender
Carbon flushmount front turnsignals
LED rear turn signals
Powdercoated rearsets and passenger pegs

think thats it for now.

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01' ZX-9R

Full Akrapovic exhaust
Ivan's Jet kit
+4 igintion advance
-1 front sprocket
Toby steering dampner
Fren Tubo SS braided brake line front and rear
Homemade engine mount frame sliders (pass through the coolant bottle)
Corbin seat
Heli bars
Targa seat cowl
Pyramd carbon fiber hugger
Dussault undertail
Prowerbronze double bubble screen
stickers removed

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Nice mod everybody!!!

know what would your next big dollar investment be?

I'm saving for Olins rear shock and a fork rework.

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Stuff That Matters: (front to back)

Spiegler full floating iron brake rotors
Galfer S/S lines
Ohlins fork internals/springs (Showa forks)
Matris steering damper
Renegade airbox kit, lifted fuel tank, and reworked intake ducting
Deburred/smoothed throttle bodies
Iridium plugs & Accel wires/coils
FactoryPro EPROM w/switchable mapping
Evoluzione Adjustable Fuel Pressure kit
Evoluzione Clutch Slave
Barnett Clutch
Ohlins shock
Regeared final drive to 16/43 (+2 rear)
LeoVinci highmount cans


Philips Vision Plus bulbs (50% brighter) x 3
Gilles Variobars (hugely adjustable, carved-from-billet lovliness)
Sargent reworked seats
Gilles adjustable rearsets
taillight integrator
Garmin GPS V
Renthal grips (Med)

I'm sure there's a couple things I'm forgetting about...

Scott :alky

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Hmm, let's see.......

Full Yosh exhaust w/carbon can & race baffle
Factory jet kit (prof. installed/ tuned)
+4 ign. advancer
K&N filter
ZG smoked DB screen
Galfer braided Frt. lines and HH pads
flushmounts/ short stalks
"trick kit" for tag
Gel grips
Tankslapper tank protector
Alloy sprocket nuts :D

future upgrades:

chain and sprokets (need bad!)
upgraded shock

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2000 929rr

tinted screen
scotts damper
steel braided lines
chrome 954 swingarm and wheels
polished frame
full m4 exhaust
-1 front sprocket
+2 rear sprocket
indiglo dash
led brake lights
michelin h2's
powerbronze solo seat cowl

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2001 GSXR 600
Yoshi Full Exhaust
Power Commander lll
Timing Advance
Custom Bar Ends
Frame Sliders
Sporttech Chrome Windscreen
Flushmount Lights
This winter I'm adding the following:
Yoshi Stage 1 Cams with a shaved down head
Looking for a new high performance transmission
Will also polish

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996 - 54mm Arrow Exhaust system, Arrow Chip, carbon fiber bits here and there, FBF Superbike Twin Air Filters, Ohlins Steering Damper, Billet Corse Rearsets, and some other little stuff.

RS250 - Race-Tech Fork Springs/Valves, DID 520 Race chain, Fren Tubo Kevlar Brake Lines, EBC Brake Pads, AF1 air filter, TCM Rearsets, Woodcraft Clip-Ons, GP Tech Front Bracket, Arrow Exhaust System, Sharkskinz Body Work.
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