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Are there any threads on this forum that have already discussed this? if there is, can someone post it up here.

Or better yet, just post the things that I should look for when i buy a bike. Of course it needs to run ... but other than that and cosmetics, i really dont know what to check for on the bike. Thanks

V-twin anyone?
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I'll throw in a few things here.

Fluids- make sure they're all there. I've heard of stories of master cylinders with no fluid in them. Motor oil, coolant, brake fluid. Don't forget the transmission fluid...hehehe...just checkin' to see if you're on your toes.

Moving to the toe area, check for bent foot levers. Brake and gear. If they're bent, it's been dropped or they can really scrape some pegs!

Clutch- fire her up, put her in gear, keep the clutch lever squeezed. Very slowly, start to release the clutch lever, without throttle, and if the bike wants to move forward, the clutch is still good. If it moves backwards, you're buying the wrong type of bike. This is

To check the subframe, squat directly behind the bike. If a friend can stand the bike upright, that's even better. If the tail section doesn't look straight, it's prolly been down. Check the welds on the frames and stuff. Look for factory welds. Not every welder is a good one.

Brakes- check the rotors for warpage. Check it for thickness. Run your fingers over them and if the valley is too deep. There's room to bargain. Rotors aren't cheap. Not Galfer ones anyways. Don't forget to check the pads too. Neglected pads can damage rotors as well as stink up the bathroom.

Forks and rear shock- try to compress them. If they're too mushy, depending on what type of bike it is, I don't think that's good. I'm no suspension expert. Fork seals-if there is oil on the fork tubes, then the fork seals are prolly busted. Again, there's room for bargaining if you find this so look for it. Rear shock. uh, make sure it looks clean I guess...moving on.

Rims- bent ones can get pricey if you need them replaced. $$$ can be made here.

Tires- more $$$. If they're shoddy, then give them a little noddy, and if they don't work with you here, tell them you'll go to somebody....else. Tires are about $250-$350.

Aftermarket stuff is a good thing. A bonus. Especially pipes. They're pricey.

Good luck! Let us know what you end up buying.
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