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What tire reapair kit to get?

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Those of you that have or have used tire repair kits, which one is a good one to get? I'm looking for a kit to keep in the bike at all times in case of an emergency. I don't need a kit that has the CO2 canisters since I will probably be getting a small compresser to carry. Just looking for whatever I need to actually plug the tire on the side of the road if I ever have to.

I can't honestly say that I know what a good kit should have or what a poor kit doesn't have. What should I be looking for in a repair kit? Thanks in advance. :cheers
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Something like this is what I carry with some additional CO2 cartridges:

except I have this for inflating:

Why not carry the CO2 plus a gauge? It's really easy to use. Just make sure you carry enough cartridges to inflate a rear tire (maybe 5-6 depending on tire size).
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