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What the fuck is a Telefonica?

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When I watch a Moto GP race and I see the Marlborough Ducati, I know "hey they are sponsoring a cig company", but when I see "Telefonica Movistar" I don't know what to think. Someone please tell me what kind of sponsor that is. How about Repsol too while we're at it.
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I think Repsol is a lubricant/oil company.
Excellent. 1 down 1 to go.
communications company in Spain
Its suppose to be a big phone company or something and they made that telefonica movistar special edition after their win in 99 or 2000 i think.....
As stated, Telefonica is a big Spanish communications firm.

Repsol is a huge oil/lubricant company. They are like Exxon in Europe.

Petronas is a Malaysian oil company. They sponsor 250GPs as well as World Superbike. They do have a presense in MotoGP.

Gauloises is a French tobacco company. So is Fortuna.

Malboro and Camel are self-explanatory.

Not sure about West.

I personally consider the Telefonica Movistar bikes to be some of the best looking machines in the series.
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West is a tabacco company. Think Mclaren in F-1 or Barros a few years ago in MotoGp (back when they ran stink wheels)
To tell you the truth, I own a telefonica gixxer and I had no idea either
I use telefonica... its the monopole here in spain... they just call it with some different names but all goes down to one.
They sponsor damn good with all that money $$$
I don't know why, but when I looked back at the topic title this morning I just started cracking up, just sounds pretty funny.

Ok, so I woke up too early, cut me some slack...
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