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I had one a few years ago, when I bought it she only had 1200 miles on her. I got it off a girlfriend of mine, she had some shade tree mechanic put some sort of crappy lowering link on it to lower the ride height. As soon as I got the bike I took it off. overall it is a good bike, just keep in mind that that year bikes engine is carburated. The only problem I had with the bike was the alternator went out on me, cost about 140.00 to have the shop replace it. Other the that a good solid bike, I did a few track days on her and loved the light feel (compared to my ZX7), I was thinking of putting a steering damper on her and making her my track bike but sold he before I got the chance. I could keep up with liter bikes in the corners with no problem, the straights....obviously not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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