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Share what you did to your bike today. Pictures or not, from walking by it in the garage to fixing something, doing maintenance or what ever.
I spent some quality garage time today installing two panel mount jacks. They are below the body panel when it's on. Installed in a part of the under seat storage tray.

One is an SAE that runs a fused, un-switched line to the battery. I use this for maintenance charging and power for a tire inflator. It can also be used as back up power connection for other items like heated gear. It's a little cleaner than just hanging a SAE plug off the side, which was how it was when I bought the bike from the PO.

The second panel mount is a Co-Ax plug for heated gear. I'm also installing a mounted Heat-Troller unit, which I will cover in another post. That will plug in under the seat so that I can just plug the Gerbings heated jacket liner direct into the panel mount jack. The Heat-Troller control knob will probably end up in the left switch housing.

I also ran power from the battery to under the seat, with an inline fuse, to provide power to a Bosch 30 amp relay. This is a double 87 terminal relay that will provide switched power to three items: Heat-Troller, GPS and a dual USP charging port/Volt meter that will be mounted on the bars. Because the GPS and USB/Volt meter are both low draw, I just wired them to the same 87 terminal on the relay. The H-T is higher draw, so on it's own 87 terminal. All of this together will be no where near 30 amps and each individual 12V+ wire has it's own fuse, so I can protect the low draw items and high draw item appropriately.

Pics of the panel mount jacks.

Pics of the relay and some of the wiring in progress.

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Almost forgot.... replaced the worn out shifter rubber with a new one. 馃槈 big mod of the day. P/N 5EB-18113-00-00 $8.50 with shipping. A squirt of silicone spray let it slide right on w/o issue.
Boring pic of fresh rubber. 馃槏

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Spent a little time doing more wiring. Got the volt meter/USB charger port today. Mounting it to the clutch pivot bolt. GPS hard wire power is done. Needed to go do some fence work, so didn't get as far as I hoped.

I will keep amusing myself with these posts. I hope some of you will add your posts to the thread.

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Today I just looked at it sadly as I got into the Jeep. It's going to be too icy to ride home from work if the forecast is to be believed, despite a warm morning in the 50s.

It got a new starter relay two days ago though.

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Did some not very sexy maintenance to the bike today. Flushed and bled the brakes front and rear. Front was quick and easy. Reservoir fluid wasn't too bad, but certainly due. Rear was a royal PITA. The Scorpion slip on pipes blocked access to the reservoir. After removing a mounting bolt to swing part of the bracket away, I still couldn't get the reservoir out. I then had to remove an oe bolt for a cross frame bracket and lever that out of the way so the reservoir lid would clear and after fighting that silly hose bracket, it came out and I could do the 5 minute job of actually cleaning out the old fluid, (rootbeer muck), and cleaning the reservoir itself, then flushing new fluid thru the system and bleeding it. Brakes feel better on both ends, though it's mostly my imagination I suspect. :D At least it's all clean.

Swapped on some FZ1 mirrors so I can see past my shoulders.

Finished the wiring for the voltmeter/dual USB charging ports.
Finished the wiring for the GPS power.

Finished the wiring for the Co-Ax panel mount port for heated gear use.

Installed some Db killers in the Scorpion cans and safety wired them in place.


Installed a larger side stand foot.

Swapped out the cut apart air box for a stock air box with a new stock filter. (K&N and cut up air box lid will probably go on ebay later)

Discovered that the PO, or more likely the original owner, installed a larger than stock size battery. That has less CCAs than the stock Yuasa battery. WTF?? That was why the air box bottom was cut away. The current battery is pretty new and my budget does not include a new battery after spending the coin to replace the front wheel bearings/seals. That made getting the tank on a bit tight with the lower air box pushed back a bit more than usual due to the larger battery, but it fit. Maybe the auto parts store will swap it for the correct size. I'm trying to get the receipt from the PO. He said it was pretty recent and it looks brand new.

Still want to flush the coolant. It's probably never beed done and at 45k is over due on a 15 year old bike.
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