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Alright heres the problem, I was in a wreck 4 months ago with my TT and it took a pretty hard hit to the alternator/alternator cover. Anyway, I replaced the cover and had the alternator professionally rewired and all seemed to be fine in my kingdom :). However, when riding it home from the movies, it just stuttered and died. At forst I thought that I overloaded the battery by having the battery charger on too high of a setting and left the bike in a dodge dealer's garage overnight. The next day I drove out and bought a new battery and put it in the bike and drove it home.

When I was home, I checked the battery's charge with a volt-meter while running and the charge was steadily falling and the alternator was not providing sufficient charge to counter the drop. I checked the alternater with the meter and found that it was only producing .50 amps and it should be MUCH higher than that. I also checked for continuity on all 3 phase legs. Well I opened the alternator cover up and found that the alternator wiring was shorted out and chafed by the flywheel. Apparently the people who re-did my alt. had wired it too sloppily and it was rubbing :alky . Case solved right? Anyway, I took it back and they re-wired it for free, and this time it was wired much better. So I install it again and check the battery... same problem charge steadily dropping and the alternator was only making .50 amps.

Any ideas as to what it might be? Could it be that something is wrong with the voltage regulator or themagnetic field generated by the flywheel or something else? :confused:
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