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robbieace said:
Racer x doesn't know anything. if he could have sex with a ninja 500 he would
OK, that was a little bit off the line and should be ignored.

Get a "newbie friendly" bike to learn how to ride properly. The EX500 (Ninja 500R) and the Suzuki GS500 are EXCELENT newbie bikes, and capable bikes. They will teach you the basics about riding, will let you learn the needed riding skills and train you for a b***** bike PROPERLY.

Think about the "newbie bike" as that crappy Fiat Uno that you got as your first "learner" car. For more than obvious reasons, no one new to riding haves any bussiness riding a SS bike, exactly as a new driver shouldn't be driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini, too much to handle/control without the required experience and skills needed to.

For a first bike, get an used EX500 or GS500, that way you'll avoid the depreciation of a new bike, and after a year of riding it (or whatever it takes you to learn properly, but surely not less than a year) you'll be able to sell it for a little bit less than what you paid for, sometimes if you are a good seller, you'll be able to sell it even for more money.
Then you can get your dreamed bike, without having it go through all your newbie mistakes, nothing hurts more the ego (and the wallet) than dropping a new bike at the next corner after taking it out of the showroom.
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