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West Lake Roesiger Road, Snohomish County, WA

Snohomish County is located just north of Seattle in Western Washington and stretches from Puget Sound to the Cascade Mountains. The foot hills of the cascades offer wonderful riding and anyone with a map can pick out a whole slew of twisty looking roads to ride on. The other alternative is to just travel out to the area and explore until the find someplace fun, it won’t take long.

The whole area is mountainous and heavily forested. It was logged in the 1800s and the large trees were taken out by horse and small gauge railroad. Most of the roads today follow the old logging roads – meaning they go around hills instead of over them wherever possible – and the whole place is a twisting mass of pavement.

One of my favorite rides is close to where I grew up. The Carpenter/OK Mill road and West Lake Roesiger roads form a wonderful loop to ride on. The area is very rural and is mostly dense forest. Lately some developments have begun sprouting up in the area so regular traffic is increasing but just because the speed limit is usual 35 doesn’t mean the locals obey it. Keep up the pace or you can get run over.

The easiest way to access the area is to go to the intersection of Highway 9 (which runs between Woodenville and Arlington) and Highway 2 (Which runs out of Everett and goes up over Steven’s Pass into Eastern WA) just north of the city of Snohomish. Just north of this intersection is a frontage road called Bunk Foss Road, turn there. Follow Bunk Foss until you come to a stop sign and turn left onto the Old Snohomish Machias Road. Go to the end of this road and turn left onto the New Snohomish Machias Road. Follow the road about a mile until and take Dubuque road - the first paved road on the right.

Dubuque road runs up from the valley and is straight and fast. Follow the road until you come to a stop sign, this is known as “The four way stop” by locals. Continue on straight until you come to a long hill that drops you down into a creek bottom. At the bottom of the hill, just across a small bridge turn left onto Cresswell Road, another long straight road, and follow it until it ends. This is the intersection of the OK mill road (left) and Carpenter Road (right). At the stop sign, turn right.

Carpenter road is deceptive. It is not a truly technical road with switchbacks and curves, but requires good judgment and skill to ride quickly. The road has always been wide and nicely paved. It is a major rural road so you can expect to encounter cars. Also watch for animals, mud or debris from logging or farming and, in the winter, patches of ice long after other places’ snow has melted.

At the end of Carpenter turn right, go to another stop sign and turn right again. This road runs down the East side of Lake Roesiger and if you are looking for a break you can follow until you come to a small rural store. Those not seeking a break, however, should look for a road on the right marked West lake Roesiger Road.

A friend of mine once described a ride on West Lake Roesiger road as the closest thing to flying he had ever experienced. The road follows the lay of the land with curves and small hills aplenty. Due to its proximity to a lake, the area is more developed than many other roads in the area and there are many cabins so be careful in the summer.

At the end of the road turn right, go to the end of that road and turn right on Woods Creek Road which will, in turn, take you back to Dubuque Road and the place where you turned onto Cresswell Road.

To continue the exploration of the area, I also suggest turning onto Storm Lake Road about half way up the long hill I described on Dubuque road (close to Cresswell road). Storm Lake Road is becoming more developed so I can’t vouch for how safe it is to speed there anymore, but portions of the road are very dangerous, including one blind corner known as “Devil’s Elbow.” Right after the Storm Lake Grocery, make sure you follow the right fork in the road. At the end of Storm Lake Road, turn left onto Spada road and follow it until you pass under some high tension powerlines and then turn left onto Trombley Road, from Trombley take the first left onto Meadow Lake road – one of my favorite roads of all time. Turn left on to Mero Road and that will bring you back to the fork in the road and Storm Lake Grocery.

I used to consider this entire area my own private race track. It is within an hour or two of Seattle and a guy can ride there all day long and never get bored. As I said at the beginning of this write-up if you aren’t much for maps just go there and explore – you won’t be disappointed.


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