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Well its almost here....

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Good lord this should be fun, by the time I have to go to work in the morning that storm should be right on top of Tampa. :eek:
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Good luck man.

FEMA is already sending some people down there. They've been here for the floods from this past May for the last few months, but they're getting a bunch of them out of here and headed down there right now.
Good luck to all you FL guys and gals... you are on our minds.
I can't believe you have to work!! Most places in Tampa are closed today...except for emergency people and such...pretty lame of your company to make you come into work...I would have called in sick or took a personal day...thank God I only work for myself though...some companies are just so money hungry!!
I work in the service department at a car dealership. I have to work until 2. I tried to get out of it. Told them my only means of transportation was my bike. They said to be here or else. So I showed up on my bike. I guess they thought I was BS'ing. I'll be ok. Just don't know what I'm going to do tonight. I'm going to be SO bored.
Ain't that like the car business. I'm a finance manager and like the post office, rain or shine.
Hey, if my company can make $5 today, we will work. Oh and there was no sick days today or you would get written up. It looks like the storm is going to miss tampa so we should only get some BS wind and crap. Good luck to all you South Florida people!
hey i had to work until 12pm today. the rain just started here. its lookin pretty bad
Good luck guys that sounds pretty serious down there
Well we lucked out in Tampa, but from some of the videos, south of here got pretty messed up.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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