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Well I finally dropped it

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I finally drop my bike but the sad thing is it wasn't from trying to do wheelie's or even rounding corners with bad tires. The tire thing I found out from my co-worker that used to race GP250 but thats being fixed with pilot powers :) .

I dropped the bike in the middle of a undeveloped housing area in the middle of nowhere since the girl I'm seeing wanted to get kinky on the bike. I learned if you wanna have sex on a bike have the girl get on from the kickstand side. She got on from the right side and the bike tipped, she went flying the bike landed on my leg but I still picked it right back up. She just had to hop on from the left side to staddle me.

Suprisely there is no damage to the bike. But the prior owner had dropped the bike at 5mph so the right fairing is aready scratched but I have a replacement in my garage.

But boy having sex on a 03 ZX6RR is a little challenging.
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This thread is funny...

I accidentally knocked my baby over this past weekend too, but it went like this...

I went to mount her from the tail pipe of course. I forgot that I had just finished a 90 mile ride and was a little overly excited. So I stick it in her right and the pipe was real I flinch and my left leg comes flying up uncontrollably and kicks the damn thing over! I couldn't believe she fought me! WTF She usually just takes it! Next time I know to ease into it and not be so quick to just shove it in the tail pipe. :)
sach said:
sometimes I like to sit on my left hand untill it gets numb, then whack off with it.

I call it..."the stranger"

movie, Gone in 60 Seconds
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