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Well I finally dropped it

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I finally drop my bike but the sad thing is it wasn't from trying to do wheelie's or even rounding corners with bad tires. The tire thing I found out from my co-worker that used to race GP250 but thats being fixed with pilot powers :) .

I dropped the bike in the middle of a undeveloped housing area in the middle of nowhere since the girl I'm seeing wanted to get kinky on the bike. I learned if you wanna have sex on a bike have the girl get on from the kickstand side. She got on from the right side and the bike tipped, she went flying the bike landed on my leg but I still picked it right back up. She just had to hop on from the left side to staddle me.

Suprisely there is no damage to the bike. But the prior owner had dropped the bike at 5mph so the right fairing is aready scratched but I have a replacement in my garage.

But boy having sex on a 03 ZX6RR is a little challenging.
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Why would I lie about something like this. My co-workers have been teasing the hell out of me for it. But then again I do have wrist cuffs on my bed and a few sex toys we use together. I can take a picture of that stuff if you wish.
RayOSV said:
Were you both wearing gear or naked? :eek:nfloor
I still had my pants on and she was just wearing a skirt. I'm suprised half of you havn't confused to trying to have sex on your bike.

I've gone to great lengths to please women, I'm just about done remodeling my bathroom with a 2 person jet tub with a shower head on each wall. Coupled with a granite heated floor.

More pics will come later


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Another picture


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Bomb300 said:
Most of us are smart enough to not try it. Especially on a SIDE STAND.
There's some irony in that statement since some have no problem running from the cops or doing 120+ on the highways. Plus I bought the bike for 3900, I didn't buy a expensive bike just incase I dropped it.
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