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Welcome Bolt Lock as a Sponsor to SBN

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D-Rings connected to underneath your seat just doesnt cut it anymore. Or better yet. You locked your Helmet to your bike but you still have to carry your heavy jacket now!

Well Bolt Lock is a new way to lock your Helmet and Jacket to your bike without worry!

How the Bolt Lock Works
1. Take a bolt out anywhere on your bike. Replace it with an equivalent socket head cap screw. Slide it through our washer, use loclite on the threads and secure the washer to the motorcycle.
2.. Insert the "L" shaped end of the cable through the "D" rings, webbing or face of a helmet, or with the longer cables run it up the sleeve of a jacket or accessories then back through the other end of the cable, then into the slot of either side of the Bold Lock.
2b. When you insert the end into the slot rotate the end 90 deg. so that the end is pointing clockwise. Now turn the key 90 deg. Clockwise which locks the cable to the Bolt Lock. Next slide the Bold Lock over the flange on our washer as shown to the left.

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Guys this is a great way to lock your products up to your bike. This is the ONLY safe way to lock your gear to your bike up. Nothing else compares!

Visit there website today. Be sure to let them know your a member on SBN!
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