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Wed. 7/07

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just currious if anyone is doing anything wed. i am off and want to ride or do something. also anyone want to ride saturday?
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Ride1Rob said:
From WinterHaven w/ all those bikes and I don't know you??? Welcome to the board my man. What type of ridin' are you into?
i am new to the board. i have been doing the solo thing for 2 years and just started to do the group thing. i am into the twisties. nothing too fast. i like a little safety cussion for the street. crashing sucks. it takes me too long to heal in my old age. when i go to the track it is balls out though. i am up for any kind of ride. i dont mind riding slow or fast as long as it is safe or i do not exceed my skill level. i ride in gear. mesh and a brain bucket at minimum. i am not into stunting though. let me know if you want to ride sometime.
funny you should say that, i have not lost any skin yet and want to keep it that way. i have seen the results of pushing too hard on the street.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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