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Hey anybody who reads this, especially mods. I bought some forks from DSKU and said they were straight and just an extra set that he got with his bike when he bought it. I get them in and went to a shop to put htem in and they said they wouldnt because they would leak because of the bends in them. so i emailed and pmed dsku and he said sure send them back and i will send you your refund. below is a copy of a pm. I also have emails. mods if you could help me out here or anybody that lives near lapeer MI, pay him a visit that would be great. in the meantime dont buy anything from him as he is dishonest. and btwo MI isnt that far from where i live so he better be careful if i am ever over his way. I have his address and phone #.
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06-01-2005, 03:56 PM
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Re: my refund?


Hey sorry bout that i was on vacation from thur - tuesday night. Ill get it back asap.

Originally Posted by antireebok
hey, still waiting on the refund. I really need this asap so i can get some forks for my bike.

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