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Washed my bike, now it wont start

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1986 yamaha fazer 750

Ok so she's pretty old...1986 and i haven't driven for 2 years so i gave it a good wash. I had it out for a good run before i washed it, and it ran fine.
After washing it, turning the key on did nothing. No lights, no clicks, nothing. I let it dry out over night and tried to start it the next day after inspecting a few connectors to make sure they weren't holding any water and the bike kept blowing the main fuse as soon as i'd turn the key on. Went over the bike checking more connectors with no luck. Popped 4 fuses looking for the culprit. Let it sit another day and tried again, this time the bike started, but the fuel pump kept running till it fouled a plug...I could confirm by touching the outside was barely warm. I turned off the key, pulled the plug and sure enough...soaked. so i let the bike dry out for another day.
Now every time i turn on the key, they fuel pump comes on full headlight won't work, high or low beam, and my horn only makes a slight chirp sound. Also, the first time i got the bike running after the wash, I went to drive it away and once i put the kickstand up, it stalled.
Im thinking it could be a ground somewhere, or maybe the relay controlling the fuel pump? I think based on the wiring diagram (which i barely understand...not electrically inclined) the horn is connected to the fuel pump, the headlight and also the kickstand switch. My concern is that I replace the relay, only to have the short somewhere else and blow another fuze and relay and start over again. Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance! I've included the wiring diagram in case it might help.


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I'm going to double check the wiring harness and all it's connections, as well as try to test the relay to see if it still works. I figure if i can get my headlight and horn working, the fuel pump problem should be fixed as well as they're probably related. fingers crossed
if my main 30amp fuze kept it possible i fried the relay as well? Or would the fuze protect the relay? I'm stumped :(
no takers I see..oh well, I might as well continue to document this in case someone in the future has an issue.

I eventually got the fuel pump to stop and the bike to start...not sure how, I just unplugged every connector and cleaned and reassembled. The fuel pump works now. After trying to start the bike and the fuel pump going bananas I changed out the fouled plugs. After testing for spark I found 2 weren't sparking at all. I tested the ignition coils, wires and caps with a multimeter and found 2 caps were faulty. I had an 87 FZ 750 with the same motor that I robbed the coils and the same 10K ohm plug caps from. It starts and runs great. Hopefully it continues while I try to figure out the headlight situation.
The battery is holding fine at 12.4 before driving and i'm gonna be brave and try to install new turn signals too lol Hopefully I don't short the main fuze again...I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about tossing a match at it out of frustration.
So I finally figured out it was a ground wire...although I could not find it, I narrowed it down to the headlight/headlight switch. I could not find the break in the ground anywhere, so what I did was install a new switch, and just ran a new ground to the frame of the bike. It is no longer blowing fuses and the headlight works great. Now I just have to get my downpipes cleaned and painted and it'll be ready for the road for the first time in 3 years...can't wait :)

I'd also like to thank all the great minds that helped me solve this problem, without you guys, i'm nothing. ;)
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