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Was gonna take my Ninja 250 to the shop for maintenance, when I saw this:

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I usually park perpendicular to curb, but wait minute! My bike was moved!

Upon closer inspection... Mother fucker! Someone ran over my bike!

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So from what my neighbors are telling me, is that around 2am last night, some girl and her girlfriends where driving home drunk (they were in a Ford Mustang, btw). They plowed into the Toyota Corolla that was next to my bike, which sends that car into my bike, launching my bike into the middle of the street. Somehow, the Mustang also careens into an apartment complex gate as seen here:

Amazingly enough, no one was hurt, and only the Corolla and my 250 is damaged.
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My neighbors are really cool. They came out last night at the scene of the accident, got all the info, and moved my bike to the side of the street. Funny, as how I slept thru the whole thing. :huh:

Oh, btw, Pacific Specialty Insurance Company has really terrible customer service. Can't get a hold of them to file my claim! :mad:
Looks like somone with a green car hit his bike and ran off.
Impressive power of perception there!

Yeah, it was a green Ford Mustang.
My disc lock is stuck on the wheel. The plastic casing around the "bolt" is deformed so its blocking the "bolt" from coming out.

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So what are the police telling you? Did they get these girls at the scene or what? If your neighbors got all "their" info then what about "their" insurance? Let their company pay for it. Or is this Pacific Specialty Insurance Company their insurance company? I'd stay on top of it if I were you until somebody paid for my bike.
The Police aren't telling me anything, as since no one was hurt, they're not really getting involved. Or should I call the police and try to get something out of them?

My neighbors got the drunk girl's info. Her contact info, insurance info, drivers license, VIN number, the whole deal. Even got her business card (she's a private chef, btw).

My insurance is Pacific Specialty Insurance... I can't get a hold of them, but I just found out that you can file a claim online, so I just did that. Hopefully that'll get the ball rolling.

I need to get that stupid disc lock off so I can move the 250 by Wednesday (street cleaning day).
Thanks everyone for being so concerned!

Hears the dilly:

Neighbors (or someone) had called the police. In order for them to come out and file a report, the one of the following has to occur:
* The traffic collision occurred within the City of Los Angeles.
* A person involved in the traffic collision has been injured (complaining of pain is considered an injury) or dies.
* One of the drivers is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
* One of the drivers has fled the location without stopping to exchange information or check on the welfare of the other parties involved.
* City property is involved (City vehicle, light post, signal post, etc.)

Now, you might argue that the 3rd bullet there has been met, but, apparently no one reported that the driver was under the influence, so police never came, and a report never made. I know this, because I called the police station, and they told me they had received multiple calls about this incident already.

Next up, I call the driver's insurance (Allstate) to file a claim, and guess what? They already have one ready for me. So I provide them w/ my additional info and thats that.

Now I have to get a repair estimate so I can turn that in to Allstate. Sigh... which means I gotta pay someone to tow the broken 250. No, I don't know anyone who owns a pickup.
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