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Was gonna take my Ninja 250 to the shop for maintenance, when I saw this:

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I usually park perpendicular to curb, but wait minute! My bike was moved!

Upon closer inspection... Mother fucker! Someone ran over my bike!

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Don't put this on your insurance. You do that, your rates will go up. Either get her insurance to cough it up, or sue her.
You'll probably also need a police report. Tell them to not be dicks and do their fucking jobs.
The Police aren't telling me anything, as since no one was hurt, they're not really getting involved.
Maybe no one has even called the police? The neighbors have the driver's info. They must've gotten that from the driver, not the police.

I hate threads like this with imcomplete information and people jumping to all kinds of conclusions.
That's so fucked-up. I don't know about CA, but in WI you have to report any accident above a certain dollar amount. Your bike looks like it alone would cover it.

If the neighbors have the info, my guess is the cops weren't called. The cops would have gotten the OP down to the scene.

Good luck with this. Your neighbors did you no favors whatsoever. You need to be in contact with the bitch hours ago...
Here you do too. Over $500 in damage, you call the cops and they're supposed to come. Unless they don't feel like it, then they'll tell you it's private property and they can't interfere, or that they don't write incident reports for blah blah blah. But I can only speak for the shitty San Diego police.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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