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Was gonna take my Ninja 250 to the shop for maintenance, when I saw this:

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I usually park perpendicular to curb, but wait minute! My bike was moved!

Upon closer inspection... Mother fucker! Someone ran over my bike!

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You'll probably also need a police report. Tell them to not be dicks and do their fucking jobs.
Maybe no one has even called the police? The neighbors have the driver's info. They must've gotten that from the driver, not the police.

I hate threads like this with imcomplete information and people jumping to all kinds of conclusions.

OP, were the police ever called? Did the neighbors allow the drunk driver to just drive away?

If you have the driver's information, file the claim against her insurance company! Or give the information to your company.
Hmmm, exactly...

Were the police called to the scene of the accident? Was the driver charged?

I'm guessing 'no', since the neighbors have the info and they moved the bike back to the curb.

That's a lot of property damage and alleged drunk driving for the cops not to be called until much later, don't you think?

At this point, since the parties involved have the legally required information from the accident, and the scene has been cleared, the police have no need to respond for any report. That's NOT their 'fucking job'.

Again, were the police called to the initial scene or not?
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We'll that's cool.

If it did not occur within the jurisdiction of LAPD, then the proper authorities were not called.

When one vehicle strikes multiple vehicles and causes property damage and is suspected of being under the influence, the proper authorities should be notified immediately. She just got a freebie if she was drunk.

At least she left her legitimate information! What if she hadn't?
And if she had caused additional damage or injuries after she left that scene because she was drunk, it would've been on your neighbors' conscience, if not worse.

Don't listen to Gypsy. He's just bitter. He was wrong in his assumptions here about the cops doing their fucking job. There's plenty of opportunity to rag on the cops. Might as well be accurate when you do it.

Cops here don't respond for an accident report unless there are injuries, the vehicles cannot be driven, government property, impairment, etc... So what? You don't need a police report for minor accidents, unless one of the drivers is uninsured, unlicensed, or impaired. I see people all the time blocking lanes of traffic waiting for the police over minor fender benders. :bitchslap

As I said, you have the driver's information, luckily. That's all you need to worry about. File the claim against her insurance company, as you already did. :cheers
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