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::WARNING:: Nasty Joke

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3 Breasts

There's this man who's taking a walk around the red light district until he passes a *****house with a blinking sign saying: "The Hooker With Three Breasts...". The man get's just a little interested and thinks "well... that could be a once in a lifetime experience". So he goes in and walks up to the man behind the counter. "I'd like to see the hooker with the three breasts" he says.

"Are you sure you can afford that... It'll cost you a 500 dollars" the pimp replies. But, the man is too exited, pull's his wallet and pays him the money. So, he's taken up three stairs to a little room in the back of the house and when he opens the room... there she is. The room is dark but as he comes closer he sees it... three breasts! And so the man absolutely has the night of his life.

The next day the man walks past that same whorehouse and thinking of the night before and the time he had, he goes in and pays the pimp another 500 dollars. Again, he goes up three stairs to that little dark room in the back of the house. And as the day before, she lies there waiting.

But, as he walks up to the hooker, he sees that something is wrong... "Hey! You had three breasts yesterday..." he says after which she smiles and says "What did you expect honey... you can only suck out a boil like that once!".
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ewwwww !! thats truely tasteless!! err sick me tinkz..... :D
You a sick youngen.
i just threw up a lil bit in my mouth didnt wanna get it all over the keyboard....... sick ass
lol, I told ya, its a sick one ;)
:2eek :barf
:lol :lol funny but grrrrrrrrooooosssss!!

Cash---you are something else!! :)
That is disturbing...I like it!
Yuck Yuck Yuck, Gross, Gross, Gross.

Good One!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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