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VTR 1000f grinding noise then not starting

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Was driving back from work and came out of a corner in 2nd gear and started to lightly accelerate when my bike (Honda vtr1000 firestorm) started making a loud grinding sound from what sounded like the gearbox. I pulled over and couldn't get the bike into neutral so I hit the kill switch and eventually worked it into neutral and tried to start it up again to see if it still made the sound and where it is coming from. When I turned the key the dash would light up as normal but when I pushed the starter the bike would make a loud click and nothing would happen. Does anyone have any idea what the problem would be any answers would be appreciated, with most of the garages being closed by mine due to the coronavirus situation it would be good if I could narrow down the problem.
Thanks in advance
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Does the rear wheel move freely? I'm wondering if the chain is binding or jammed.

What's the last work you did to the bike, (or had done)?

You couldn't get the bike into neutral when you pulled over. Because you couldn't find neutral? Or because the shifter was difficult to move?
Hi Eric,
The rear wheel still moves freely, and the last work was just me changing the oil and filter about a week or 2 prior to this happening.

And when I pulled over it felt like the shifter was jammed and would not go into any other gear. After working it for about a minute i got it into first gear and then neutral but the shifter felt very stiff and reluctant to move.

Thank you for the reply also it's much appreciated 👍
I suppose you might as well drain the oil and see if you have metal in the oil. It's possible a shifter dog or fork or even spring has damage. Hopefully you can avoid splitting the cases to discover the issue.
Thanks Eric that is some good advice I'll drain the oil when I am off work next. I appreciate the input 👍
Save the oil, if no metal you might as well put it back in since it's still fresh.
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