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HELP!!!!! got a virus called spy falcon, no idea how to get rid of the darn thing, someone hacked into my computer and accounts. any idea how to get rid of the virus, and any suggestions on how to make my computer more secure???

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Manual SpyFalcon removal

* Download smitRem.exe counter/click.php?id=1 to desktop (Credits: noahdfear).
* Launch smitRem.exe.
* Click Start
* Confirm box "All files have been extracted" by pressing OK

* Download to desktop FixSpyFalcon.reg (Credits:

* It is recommended to print these instructions before you proceed.
* Launch downloaded file FixSpyFalcon.reg.
* Choose "yes" when asked "Are you sure you want to add the information to the registry".
* Now reboot into safe mode
* Go to Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel). Choose Add or remove programs. Find SpyFalcon and click Remove.
* Delete folder C:\Program Files\SpyFalcon\
* Delete file C:\Windows\system32\dxmpp.dll (dangerous program
Delete file C:\Windows\system32\ginuerep.dll. Note: to delete dxmpp.dll file login as Administrator (Do not restart the computer. Press Log Out and choose Administrator.)
* Locate smitRem folder on desktop and run RunThis.bat file to start clean SpyFalcon infection.
* After smitRem has finished a file named smitfiles.txt should appear in c:/ directory. If SpyFalcon was removed successfully, file content should say that.
* Reboot the machine into NORMAL MODE
* Now SpyFalcon should be gone

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