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I'm doing CSS @ VIR on May 11th & 12th of 2015.

I'm about to book rooms for the night and don't have a partner, this is my first track day.

All the rooms I've looked at are double occupancy, 2 Queen sized beds, I'm willing to front the $$ if someone needs a place to stay we can split the costs. It's pretty cheap, I was quite surprised.

Look, I'm a married man with 3 kids and not a dope smoking unwashed hippie.... I'd like to have a few beers and something good to eat after the track day each day then some quiet good sleep.

Who's going and who's interested in sharing a room? I'm looking at getting a garage and a room over the garage. Sharing the cost's looks to be about $100 per night....

PM me here ASAP.

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