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where can i find info to decode a vin # for a 2000 suzuki? i am trying to buy a frame but the vin # doesnt look right.
the first 5 and the 10th digit of the vin is JS1GD----0-------.
i think the 5th digit is the engine code but i dont recognize it. a gsxr600 has a 5th digit of N, a gsxr 750 has a 5th digit of R, and a gsxr 1000 has a 5th digit of T. what the hell is 5th digit D?

the 10th digit is the year but there is no such thing as a 10th digit of 0. if it is a 2000 then the 10th digit should be a Y not a 0 (zero).
someone help me decode this vin as i am completely confused......

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1-3 are region, country and manufacturer. 4-8 are model specific digits.
The 4th digit is the vehicle category. 'G' indicates multiple cylinder sport street.
The 5th digit is the piston displacement. And 'D' would indicate 80—89cc!!! Should be 'N' for 500-599cc. Or 'R' for 700—749cc.
Like you said, 'T' is for the 1000, or 850—999cc.

10th digit is the year, and should be Y for 2000.

I don't know what you've got there... Maybe certain replacement frames that fit multilple years are labeled differently? I don't know yet, but I will keep checking.

Have fun with it. Check out this site for Suzuki specific VIN info. >>>
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