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Video ???'s

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For all you PC guru's what are you using to convert digi video's to a semi viewable stream.?.

Currently I am just using the software provided with my video camera (Imax by Sony) to capture the raw video, then I use Windows Encoder to convert/compress it from a .AVI to a .WMV.

But here lies the problem. Example: The raw feed for like 2:30 of video is about 100meg, when converted to say VHS quality I can get it down to about 5meg... But it really looks like crap. If I convert it to say DVD quality 2:30 minutes is about 30meg...

What do people use to convert like 15 minutes of video to an actually viewable file under 30 megs with music.?.

Here is a example of my latest ventures: (file is about 5meg, 2:31 seconds) <---(Video from over the 4th at Deals Gap, a rear mount on my SV)
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I just closed ULead Video Studio 8.0, and finnished a 2.18 min clip with 5.5mb as a wmv... and its good quality. The program is preaty simple, quick and preaty good.
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