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For all you PC guru's what are you using to convert digi video's to a semi viewable stream.?.

Currently I am just using the software provided with my video camera (Imax by Sony) to capture the raw video, then I use Windows Encoder to convert/compress it from a .AVI to a .WMV.

But here lies the problem. Example: The raw feed for like 2:30 of video is about 100meg, when converted to say VHS quality I can get it down to about 5meg... But it really looks like crap. If I convert it to say DVD quality 2:30 minutes is about 30meg...

What do people use to convert like 15 minutes of video to an actually viewable file under 30 megs with music.?.

Here is a example of my latest ventures: (file is about 5meg, 2:31 seconds) <---(Video from over the 4th at Deals Gap, a rear mount on my SV)
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If you want to get the best quality/size ratio try the new Xvid codec, it needs a program like VdubMod to run it there both free. They wont give the perfect setup straight off, that will take a bit of experinenting. The program I really like mainly because it's really idiot proof and gives a bunch of quality/file sixe options. It's Dr.Divx theres a free trial of it at it comes with the newest divx 5++ with it. With divx I get very good quality with 700+ - bit rates and 320x240 with settings like that I can compress a complete DVD down to a size that will fit an a CD and its very hard to tell the difference between the 2.

I find the wmv codec to never quite match the divx and the divx file will always be smaller than the wmv. Something about wnv if you dont use a super high bit rate it looks hazy and blurry... Even windows media site has new Hi-Def video samples to check out... geezus the dam files are massive with the 2-3mbs 720x1040 res!! 250mb+ for a vid that run 2.3 minutes! Another bad part of such hi bit rates many comps just dont have the bandwidth to handle that much data flow... it can be really choppy if your system cant hack it.

Check out they have good info on how to get the best compression/quality out just about any combo of encoders plus all the files are there too and most are free.
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