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For all you PC guru's what are you using to convert digi video's to a semi viewable stream.?.

Currently I am just using the software provided with my video camera (Imax by Sony) to capture the raw video, then I use Windows Encoder to convert/compress it from a .AVI to a .WMV.

But here lies the problem. Example: The raw feed for like 2:30 of video is about 100meg, when converted to say VHS quality I can get it down to about 5meg... But it really looks like crap. If I convert it to say DVD quality 2:30 minutes is about 30meg...

What do people use to convert like 15 minutes of video to an actually viewable file under 30 megs with music.?.

Here is a example of my latest ventures: (file is about 5meg, 2:31 seconds) <---(Video from over the 4th at Deals Gap, a rear mount on my SV)
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Thanks for the quick post!
I did try the free trial Ulead Video studio's but to me it didn't seem any better then the free software I already have. Unless the full version has more to offer then the trial version.
I can get awesome quality video but at a cost of size. I have an awesome wide screen version of above posted video, perfect quality, no pixel augmentation but at 94meg for 2minutes 31seconds... The total run it self is about 16 minutes so, damn near 800 meg. Not fun for those interested in downloading it. O well, guess I best better by a DVD burner & start making DVD's, & x-ing the bandwidth offer.
I've just seen some guys post awesome video that is about 15 minutes in length with music no more then 30 meg. Just seems weird I can't come close... Just curious if there is any programs I am missing.?.

BTW I've gotten a couple PM's. The 2 bikes chasing me: 1st bike is a 1988 SRX 650. One cylinder thumper. Next in line is a DRZ 400 dual sport. The day we filmed was ride your 2nd ride day. Another one just barely out of the video is a 50cc Derbi. (the derbi would embaress 600ss on the GAP with the corner speed he would carry!!)
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