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Vent Signals PIC HEAVY!!!!!

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I have had this idea for a while and just never did it untill finding this thread= I figured I would start a new thread with the pic warning because pictures speak a thousand words. Here is how I did it and what it looked like when I was done.

Materials I used,
3/4"w x 1/16" thick aluminum stock I purchased at Lowes for under $5
12 3mm LEDs
silicone sealant
shrink wrap
Black paint
I didn't manage to get pictures of the brackets when I was fabricating them but I do hope to get a pattern for anyone that would like one soon. For now here is a description of how I made them.

First I cut the stock aluminum into two 3 1/2" strips. I then measured in .6" from one end and drilled a 9/32" hole centered with the width. I then used my cut of wheel to notch out the end of the strip to the hole. Next I measured in 1 3/4" from the same end previously measured from and scored a straight line across the width with a hacksaw blade. The score allows you to bend the strip sharply at a specific point about 20 to 30 degrees. I put masking tape over the end of the strip that doesn't have the hole and installed them on my bike. Using a mechanical pencil I made an outline of the vent opening on the masking tape and removed the brackets from the bike. Next I made a pattern for the LEDs and used that pattern to center punch and drill out all of the holes for the LEDs. I painted the side of the bracket facing out through the vent hole then I used a thick CA glue to place the LEDs and do all of the solder work. I ran all 6 LEDs in series so I wouldn't need to use any resistors. The wire leads were about 14". Using the lead wires as a guide I drilled a hole in the bottom side of each bracket and wraped a ziptie through the hole and around the side of the bracket to act as a relief for the wires. I then sealed all of the LEDs and wiring with the sealant and painted the rest of the brackets black.

The final product!

Now I know you think I forgot to tell you how the brackets mount. I didn't! I am going to show you how.

First remove the bolt and outer washer from the upper headlight housing/fairing/support. I removed the windscreen for clarity and to do the wiring.

Next remove the washer between the headlight housing and the support grommet.

Next loosly install the previously removed bolt and outer washer and slide the notched end of the bracket into where you removed the inner washer. Hold the bracket in position when tightning the bolt. It bottoms out against the bracket.
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Great work.
Looks real good.
Thanks for a great write up. where do I place an order? lol
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