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Edit: Jacket now on ebay $1 start NR

I've got a new Vanson Stealth PROPerf (Full perforated) leather jacket for sale or trade. The size is "small" which fits like a US40. This is a new 2004 model and is a $480 jacket, comes with vanson street foam armor & back protector included, and it can be seen in their catalog here:

This jacket is awesome, but I'm selling/trading it because I already have a hot weather mesh jacket. What I'd like to get is a good "all around jacket" with a bunch of controllable vents/etc. So if you have something like a Vanson Cobra/Avanger/Challanger jacket in the same size and would like to do a trade, we could work something out. Otherwise, I can let this jacket go for $320 shipped (that's $160+ savings!). I also have the hard GP armor for it which I can include for additional cost. Another really cool feature of this jacket is the waist adjustment system, where the velcro is on the inside of the jacket (check the last pic). It also has a concealed connection zipper which comes with the lower half, so it can be sewn onto some non-vanson pants for a 2-peace. Anyhow, here are the pics:

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