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Vance & Hines POWERPAK - New

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For GSXR 1100 '95 - '98 models

Log on to eBay and search for item # 2488568579 or by seller --> mjfracing1 <--

Again, I would normally take the "How much to sell it now?" email but I need to see how the auction pans out. Unless, of course, you're offering about $60,000! That will take care of the rest of my medical bills from my Blackhawk Farms get off last year! :eek: :)


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NO BIDS ! ? ! ?

Not even .99 ? :eek:

This is brand new!

Have I mentioned that this would make a lovely gift?

PowerPaks make you more desirable to the ladies too!

Uh. . . it will make you wealthy! Yeah, that's it! :lol
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Only 36 hours left!

This auction ends at about 11:00am (central time) on Friday

Still too cheap at only $66.00

Thanks for any interest! :)
I am looking for a pin out for the power pack .I own one and can't figure out where the wires go I'm lost. Can you please send a pic of a pin out to help me out please
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