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Valencia Motogp

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So the final race of the season is this weekend, championship is already sealed by rossi. It has almost been a year since Hayden tested the Duc for the first time here are his test times:

Day 1
12. Nicky Hayden, Ducati Marlboro Team - 1´33.960
Day 2 (wet)
1. N. Hayden, Ducati Marlboro Team - 1´48.287

combing through the old news articles on motogp is quite depressing, Kawasaki built a new bike for 2009 only to drop factory support. :(
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As much as I hate to see the racing season being over, I'm looking forward to seeing Spies spank Toseland badly. Just shut that bitch right the fuck up. And I used to like Toseland.

It will be interesting to see if any of the rumored new teams (I've heard 2 or maybe 3 new teams) will show for testing at Valencia next Monday. Plus, the Moto2 teams should be there trying out their new equipment.

After that though, there's the long dead time without racing. Bah!
I've watched the BBC coverage of the last couple of races and it's sad how much they hang off toselands nuts. They had a long interview with him basically crying about getting cut and how unfair it was. WAHHHHHHH I've been a backmarker all season and now they are replacing me with one of the most promising riders we've seen in years, wahhhhhh.
That and Toseland going on about how he was faster than Spies on Spies' bike in testing at Portimao. The thing Toseland forgot to mention was that the times he was referring to were Spies' lap times in race 2 when Spies was just maintaining to seal the championship.

Like I said, I used to like Toseland. This past year or so with the crewchief thing and the other bullshit he's said in the press, I've lost a lot of respect for him. Maybe he should decide if he wants to be a motorcycle racer or a rockstar.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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