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Valencia Motogp

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So the final race of the season is this weekend, championship is already sealed by rossi. It has almost been a year since Hayden tested the Duc for the first time here are his test times:

Day 1
12. Nicky Hayden, Ducati Marlboro Team - 1´33.960
Day 2 (wet)
1. N. Hayden, Ducati Marlboro Team - 1´48.287

combing through the old news articles on motogp is quite depressing, Kawasaki built a new bike for 2009 only to drop factory support. :(
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I've watched the BBC coverage of the last couple of races and it's sad how much they hang off toselands nuts. They had a long interview with him basically crying about getting cut and how unfair it was. WAHHHHHHH I've been a backmarker all season and now they are replacing me with one of the most promising riders we've seen in years, wahhhhhh.
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