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Did a track day last year at CMP where I was slowly catching this R6.....I passed him in a corner and he immediatly got a case of typical Tenn driver envy and didn't wanna let me get away with passing him so he took it up a notch.....he would brake sooner in the corners and that would allow me to get the jump on the apex.....but as soon as we were vertical he would ever so slightly gain on me till about 90 when I'd start walking away

The back straight was not as even...I got to 156 or so and was able to leave a few bike lengths between us

Mine wasn't the typical TLR though.....Full M4 exhaust, timing advanced, special airbox, K&N, PCII....I was making 131 at the rear I DID have an advantage over stock, but he was running a full system and some other stuff as well....a pretty goot SHOT at me, but by the time we had made a full lap he was 2 corners back

We were pretty well matched as far as skills....but like I said, he was a little less brave on the braking.
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