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techcontrol said:
I've never ridden a v-twin, and I'm curious how they match up to a regular 4 cyl. I've heard stories from people I know about R6's smoking TL1000's and RC51's on the top end, is this true? How about top speed? Thanks!
I'm running a highly modified 998R, 151.4 rwhp, 82 ft/lbs torque, 405 lbs fully wet with fuel. The engine could have been reliably tuned to 165 rwhp, but I chose not to do that because of increased maintenance issues, wear and tear, etc. Plus...I'm not racing the bike.

The BCM tuned engine makes superb torque starting at 6.5K and remains relatively flat and close to 80 ft/lbs all the way to the 10.5K rev limiter. That, coupled with a superb suspension setup, slipper clutch, and quick shifter, makes it the best bike that I've ever ridden on the street or track.

I recently participated as a control rider at a local track day. Exiting the final turn at Summit Point WV (before the 3/4 mile front straight), I had to slow because a participant was taking the turn slower than me. I could have been in 3rd gear, but I was in 4th gear (it was a track day, not a race), chose not to back shift, and cut the turn closer to the apex so that I could pass the other rider on the inside...safely. As I pulled along side (with the 998R about 2K rpm too low compared to how I would have normally taken the turn), I glanced over and saw that the other bike was a GSX-R 1000. We stayed about 3 ft apart the entire length of the straight, with me letting the 998R wind out, the GSX-R gaining abut 1/2 foot every two seconds (this would not have been the case had I been racing or had I gotten my normal drive out of the turn). With T1 and the "3" marker fast approaching, I decided to lay off the brakes until the other guy braked. At about 165 indicated, the other guy braked, I waited a millisecond, braked hard, tipped into the turn, and then took off, never to see the GSX-R again.

I had to spend big bucks to make an already superb bike even better. But the reward is that I've got a bike that is an absolute missile and that handles just as well if not better than my ZX-6R...thanks in part to the superb suspension components to include the BST CF wheels. I have found the power delivery of the twin to be more forgiving than an I4, especially regarding rear tire wear, and the torque is amazing. Essentially, I can take a turn in the wrong gear and still have enough power to exit without lugging to the extent that it makes a a track day. And the engine makes short work of uphill sections, allowing me to pull away from anything that I have encountered to date at Summit Point and Barber Motorsports Park(which has some awesome elevation changes)!

I've also had a racer friend of mine follow me at Summit on a 2001 R1. He was able to keep up...but the bike wasn't. He attributed that fact to the suspension components on the Ducati allowing me to get better drive out of the corners while still keeping the front end down.

Bottom line...I like the Ducati a lot!
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