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Hi all,
I have been lurking over the past few weeks so I decided to stop by and say hello. Also, looking for a bit of advice. I recently sold my Harley and my GSXR1000. I am looking for a sport bike that is mellow and can be ridden "comfortably." I do not do a TON of riding, as the commute to work is about 15 minutes. I am more of a weekend rider with the occasional long day trip. I think I have narrowed down the bikes to a YZF600R, ZZR, GSX650F... However, I am open to other suggestions. I am looking at $3,500 max due to the amount of riding I do. I have been riding for 5 years, and unfortunately had a pretty bad accident on my gsxr1000. Anyways, I went to go look at a 2008 GSX650F with 5,800 miles. It had two owners, the current one being female (and damn she was cute :)). However, the bike has some decent scrapes and scuffs, as well as roughly a 4" crack in the front fairing near the blinker. I am by no means a mechanic, but to me the bike seemed mechanically sound. The oil in the bike was just changed and still looked new. There wasn't any obvious deviation in the front forks. The bike went easily into gear. There was no hesitation with acceleration. Clutch seemed to grab appropriately and release without an issue. Brakes on the bike seemed about 80%. The tires are original and had plenty of tread, but going on 5 years they may have to be replaced.

The seller was asking $3,900... Given the situation I felt it would be more appropriate for $3,000. She said perhaps $3,400. I walked feeling kind of iffy of the bike. It's not that I can't live with cosmetic damage, but it's not knowing what happened. I did purchase my 2002 GSXR that had been previously laid down and rebuilt, and it did run strong. I just don't want to get screwed. Any thoughts about this bike?

2008 Suzuki 650
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