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Twinsen said:
We got a VIN number on the bike. Anyone have a current Car Fax account?


What part of the VIN makes it a 2003? Up to A, mine matches. They say it's registered as a 2003. I haven't seen it myself, so I don't know if it's actually Blue/White or Blue/Black. We all know they made 2003 Blue/Black and not Blue/White. So...I dunno. Either way, the bike is probably hot anyway. Even if it isn't mine, maybe the bike has been reported stolen by someone else and they'll let me buy it for dirt cheap. :D
the 10th digit is the year and in this case the 3 shows it as being a 2003. the part between the j and the 3 should be just about the same on all 2003's, yamaha has a check digit and i think all do its the numbers after the 3 that are different for each bike.
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