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I’ve got the Pycleskins (from STG) and the Alpinstars 2 piece summer stuff (from a local shop).

It’s rare for me, when confronted with two competing products from reputable manufacturers, to declare one absolutely superior to the other. This is one of those rare times. The Pycleskins is, in every conceivable way, vastly superior to the A*s product.

Ease of Donning: The A*s is made of something I can only describe as “stupidcloth”. It’s a major undertaking to get the stuff on in such a way that it isn’t binding, dragging, and bridging joints. Particularly aggravating is overcoming the tendency of the pants to make a “bridge” between you inner thighs; which makes comfort on a motorcycle seat pretty much impossible and greatly interferes with attempts to get both feet flat on the ground. The Psycleskins you simply pull on, zip up, and grab your leathers.

Heat dissipation: Living in Arizona, I know a little something about heat. Compared to the Psycleskins, the A*s will roast your ass; both figuratively and literally.

Ease of other stuff: A long day at the track necessitates relieving oneself from time to time. Accessing one’s junk with the A*s involves routing things through a rather fiendish folding outlet. If you’re as old as I am, this is roughly as enjoyable as shaving your ass with a cheese grater. The PS’s you simply unzip (from top OR bottom) and proceed.

I have no interest whatsoever in Psycleskins nor STG. Simply a happy customer.

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Good review. A* is quality stuff, but some of their products seem to be less focused and more "me-too" as if they decided to slap on the logo and charge you ten times more than it costs to make.

I'll wait till next year as it's cooling down fast here, but I'm never going to go through another 100 degree session like I did this past August at Thunderbolt. My leathers became fused to my skin!

I'm still wondering how the RS Taichi undersuit is, but from what I've heard Psycleskins are the way to go.
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