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Our Tasting Room opened its doors Friday, November 12, 1999…
Ten long, arduous, heartbreaking, fulfilling & successful years ago!

Old friends and new are welcome to join us this Saturday, November 14, for a night of remembrance and celebration, both of the last ten years and those surely yet to come.

~ 3:00 to 5:00 pm - Rewind to '99 ~
Enjoy a legendary Wisconsin beer for just $2.50 per pint, the price we charged back in 1999 when the Tasting Room first opened! And get your CLEAR Tyranena growlers filled for just $5.00 each.

~ 5:30 pm - An Evening Tour ~
Congregate in the lobby for an evening tour of our not-quite-as-modern-as-it-used-to-be brewing facility.

~ 7:00 to 10:00 pm - Party Like It’s 1999 ~
Beer & Cheese Pairing, Special Tappings & Live Music by Greg Boerner
Our friends at Roth Kase in Monroe have paired some of their fantastic, specialty cheeses with some very special Tyranena beers we've been saving for this occasion. Enjoy these pairings and the blues & rock ‘n roll stylings of one of our long-time and favorite performers, “GB” Greg Boerner.

Here's a list of what we plan to have on tap this Saturday for the Anniversary party; some beers will be on tap all day, others only from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

*Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - Black as the back seat of a car parked in the deep dark night. A soft roasted and fruity perfume entices. The firm, full-body seduces. The tartness of freshly plucked cherries finishes it off. Tingling with anticipation? Open up your eyes, I got a big surprise.

*Imperial Oatmeal Porter brewed with Cocoa Nibbs - A variation of our base Imperial Porter brewed with oatmeal and roasted cacao beans (nibs). Nibs add a subtle chocolate flavor and a slight nuttiness, without added sweetness.

*Benji's Smoked Chipotle Imperial Porter - Brewed by the recently departed Benji. (He's alive, he just moved to California!) This variation of our highly reviewed Imperial Porter features a rich, smoky flavor and subtle heat from fiery chipotle peppers. Something to keep you warm on cold, Wisconsin nights!

Dirty Old Man Barrel-Aged Imperial Rye Porter - Dark black with a cappuccino head. Full-bodied with modest carbonation. Spicy rye, chocolaty malt and balanced oak barrel flavors.

*Painted Ladies Pumpkin Ladies - Painted Ladies is a pumpkin and spice-infused amber ale. Expect hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice and ginger and a rich body from pureed pumpkin.

*Bourbon-barrel Aged Spank Me Baby Barley Wine 2006 - Ruby appearance. Fruity nose. Rich, thick malty body. Stiff hop backbone. Thank you ma'am, may I have another? Oh yeah, baby! (The original release non-barrel-aged beer while this version is straight from the bourbon barrel!)

*Bourbon-barrel Aged Scotch Ale 2008 - Last year's Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale aged for nearly a year in oak bourbon barrels.

*Bitter Woman in the Rye - Brewed with an orgy of hops to satisfy the cravings of the most indulgent of hop heads. Hop flavors, aromas and bitterness dominate. Balanced with rich caramel malts and enhanced with the spiciness of rye. Catch a Bitter Woman in the rye.

Deb & Glenn's Barrel-Aged Blueberry Kinda Lambic - Post-fermentation brown ale, added to once-used bourbon barrels with hand-macerated blueberries and inoculated with Lambic yeast/bacteria blend. A wonderfully complex beer with hints of wood, berry and sour twist.

Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale - The Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale is another variation of our Peated Wee Heavy. A smaller percentage of the malt is peated, which means it is kilned while a peat-fire is burning nearby. From the burning peat this beer has a subtle, smoky flavor.

We will also have our 6-year-round beers on tap:

Three Beaches Honey Blonde - Three Beaches Honey Blonde Ale is a light-bodied beer with a sweet citrus flavor from orange-blossom honey and cascade hops.

Headless Man Amber Alt - The Headless Man is brewed in the "old way" of a Düsseldorf-style Altbier. This beer boasts a deep copper color, aromatic hops and Wisconsin caramel malt for a remarkably smooth and delicious taste.

Stone Tepee Pale Ale - Stone Tepee Pale Ale is brewed in the tradition of an American pale ale. This beer celebrates the American hop, with its characteristic bitterness, flavor and aroma.

Bitter Woman IPA - Bitter Woman IPA is our Wisconsin variation of an India Pale Ale. This beer is intensely bitter, almost grapefruit-like, with a mighty hop flavor and aroma.

Rocky's Revenge - Rocky's Revenge is an American brown ale with a portion aged in bourbon barrels. Each bourbon barrel will contribute its own unique character to this rich, satisfying ale.

Chief BlackHawk Porter - Chief BlackHawk Porter is a robust black and sharply bittersweet ale. This full-bodied beer is complimented by chocolate, caramel and roasty flavors.

*Indicates that the beer will be on tap ONLY from 7 to 10 pm... or until the keg blows!
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