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Now that I have a bike worth stealing I have been locking it up to immobile objects like lightpoles with a braided steel cable. Often I find it difficult to lock the dang thing up as the base of the light pole might be a block of concrete and I'll have to inch the bike right next to the pole and run the cable through the forks just under the triple clamp.

Other than the forks there is a spar that runs from the swingarm to the frame. I run the cable through that too.

Anyone have tricks on locking these things up?

Think locking it to another bike is even a good deterrent?

Maybe another thing I should do is buy another steel cable. Its made by onguard. It would imagine they'd interlock for twice the length, but then I'd be fumbling with 2 keys and 2 locks. I could color code them I suppose. Anyone do this?
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