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Hey guys, been a while since I posted here. With the season approaching and a new facebook page I figured it was time to plug my group.

For starters here is the link: Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More (Not sure if this link is going to work for everyone, so if it does not bring you there. Go to facebook, sign up if you haven't already and search: Tri-State Motorcyclists, you will then have to request membership and wait for me to accept it)

A little background about myself and the group...My name is Nick, I'm 21 years old and reside in Northern Westchester. Going into my third riding season my first street bike, '09 Ninja 650r, pushing 14k miles on it already (all mine). At the beginning of last season I had posted on here to lead a ride in my area. People enjoyed the route so much that I was encouraged to create a permanent group where I would continue to post my rides.

The group itself is not a club, gang or anything like that. There are no dues to join, simply request membership via the link above. Although I personally create and lead a majority of the rides; others are encouraged to post their own events on the page. Last season we started the group with about 7 members, through word of mouth membership has increased to over 100...although we recently updated the group page/name to which only about 40 members have come over thus far.

The rides generally last between 3-4 hours or about 150 miles, starting around 10 A.M. and stopping for lunch around noon. Last season I never really put a cap on the amount of riders I was going to take but this season I am going to limit it to 10 or less. We ride at a sport bike pace, which is quick but not insane. Some of the roads we took last season included 301, Bear Mountain, 7 Lakes Drive, 218/Stormking Mountain, Hawks Nest, 55/44, 17A.

Any questions/comments, hit me up.
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