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Better yet.

This is what I have:
I have an 88 Hatch 5sp.
-SDS standalone with 75lb/hr injectors(low impedance)
-MSD 6A igntion box
-Shortblock with 5.5 Crower rods(stock rods are 5.2 inch) and Diamond stock dish pistons...
-Oval port head with big valves and ported by Esslinger and a a Engle cam with about .480 lift, solid roller
-HE351 Turbo(off of a 2004 Dodge diesel pickup..)
-Custom log header with bobs gutter ,rotated ported intake manifold.
-BIG intercooler
-Maximum motorsports ADJ Panhard Bar
-Maximum motorsports LCAs with spherical bearins on both ends
-Evolution Msport 3 link conversion
-MM full length SFCs.(Subframe connectors..)
-8.8 with 3.55s
The paint is crap.
Has Ohio rebuilt title.

Front right shot exterior assembled july08/P7080002.jpg

Rear exterior. assembled july08/P7080019.jpg

Rear left exterior assembled july08/P7080018.jpg

Tools of tuning... assembled july08/P7080003.jpg

The Office. assembled july08/P7080004.jpg

Engine bay assembled july08/P7080005.jpg

Some of my CAI/I/C piping. assembled july08/P7080006.jpg

Boost factory. assembled july08/P7080008.jpg

Boost needs controlling.. assembled july08/P7080009.jpg assembled july08/P7080010.jpg

Exhaust 1 assembled july08/P7080011.jpg

Exhaust 2 assembled july08/P7080012.jpg

Exhaust 3 assembled july08/P7080013.jpg

Exhaust 4 assembled july08/P7080014.jpg
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