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Track Day Preparation

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This is one of the better articles I've seen in regards to prepping your gear for track day. Anything missing?
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Excellent article, thanks for sharing. :cheers
:( You got my hopes up man. I need an article like that.
Screw duct tape unless you want adhesive over your lights for the end of time.

Painters tape!

Oh, after I mounted and balanced my new tires I used adhesive wheel weights then secured them with clear silicone caulk. I hope that will pass tech - any thoughts?
+1 on the painters tape.

I would still apply some duct tape to the wheel weights just to please the tech inspectors.
I've used duct tape on the lights before with no ill effects. But I also pull the fuse on the lights as well, so maybe that stops it from heating up the adhesive and making it hard to get off. I'm currently using painters tape though. The most noticable thing about it is you don't have to pull very hard to get it off.

Wait.. that didn't sound right...
Yep, a few quick strokes usually works for me. :banana
<mental note>

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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