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So....I have been riding for a year now. I have been on this forum for a little while and after reading all your posts, seeing pics, reading technique books, and just enjoying the whole experience of motorcycling, I want more. It's addictive. I want to learn more than my friends. I want to learn more than the average Joe on the street.

Call me a :squid but I have just got this whim to turn my 600 into a track bike. Of course I would buy another for around the streets probably stay with a 600. Is it to early for me to want to learn what it means to have a good track day? I want to start by going to some of the tracks here in Texas and taking the classes. Probably take off of work and take the classes.

I guess I may be jumping the gun a little. Now that I am typing this out that seems a little rash to me. Maybe I should just do the track requirements to my bike and take the class and see if I want to do this. That seem a little more level headed to me. If it is something that I want to do frequently then turn my six into a track bike.

Sorry for the long post. At first I wanted to see if you guys know of any good prices for racing fairings. Now I want to get your opinions on this, and maybe some websites for some good fairings.
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