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hey guys

if you dont know my r1 was stolen a couple months ago and im lookin for a new bike.

i really liked it but i felt i had to baby the throttle. the handling was not as flickable as my previous (2004 f4i) but the power in any gear at any rpm was great.

i felt the f4i had enough power at 6k and up.

3 bikes im torn between

06 suzuki gsx-r 750
09 honda cbr 600rr
07 honda cbr1000rr

pretty much its between suzuki vs honda

the new cbr600rr is pretty nice.
i love the design of the 750 and i read that the power and handling is a perfect balance
but going from 600 to 1000, i dont want to feel loss of power diffential from 600 to 1000. but i was not crazy on my r1. no wheelies or 130+ mph bursts.

if i had to bet im sure a brand new 600rr is probably a tad faster than my old f4i. god i loved that bike.

eh pretty much it boils down to if i find a good deal, color scheme with low miles.

im really leaning toward the 750.
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