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koozi said:
As in stoppie 360's? Hmmm

I would like to say the smillie fingers were a nice touch, I might of been uglier to a poster that razzed me as I did you.
But seriously, do you think a fork adjusment will cause such catastrophic handling differences? Stock, this is a very stable bike. I think a worst you might be a little less stable at extreme speed due to the reduced rake.
I'm not snappy, I don't mind people picking on me :cheers
As I said some bikes don't respond nicely to this, I had the chance to try myself on my (RIP) ZX-9 and on a few friends bikes (gixxers and a CBR), we ran into trouble and one really went too far(some always think that more is better) and crashed while braking on a bumpy surface (I was told). I never rode a Yammy myself so I can't tell really. It's related to the rear spring rate too, a longer travel and lower spring rate will push the rear of the bike higher, reducing the rake. Enough factors for a good headache to predict how a change will affect a bikes handling.
But if people are happy with it, so am I :D
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