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I'd like to find out more about tires for sportbikes. Does anyone know of some acurate information on them. No personal preferences but some real world statistics on them. I know that the bridgstone 020 have a harder tire compound on the center but still uitlize the 010 compound on the outer part of the tire. This gives better tread life for comuting and also still able to stick well in the corners. Anyone else here have more information or a link on the latest and gratest?
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are you pushing your bike on the steeet to need the latest and greatest? doubt it.......

the bt-020 are prolly more then enough tire for 80% of the rider's out there, they just don't wanna realize it...........they THINK they need super stickyto goto starbucks.
Somebody USE to have the articles on all the major new tires last fall scanned.....I'll try to find that link

Me PERSONALLY ...I'm gonna try those new MEZ6's with the solid center rear...ANYTHING to prolong rear tire wear on this tire eater of mine :cry
I got a Diablo on the rear recently and I like it. I am not sure how the wearing out will compare to the 020's but they are pretty good tires IMO. They are supposed to have a thicker center for longer wear.
Problem is the tyre makers keep on coming out with different tyres almost once a year. I was at a Yamaha shop for a new rear with intent to put on a Michelin Pilot Road of Bridgestone Battalax BT 012 or even 020. I consider the rear does not have to be THAT sticky like BT010 or Michelin Pilot Spot. Still at the front NOW there is where I will go for a bit better traction. Thing was in checking around the few shops it was best of Michelin or Bridgestone.

So put on a BT 010 now must admit that I am quite impressed with it. First of all on slick stuff on the tyres. A short run of 45 miles home & next day I could hit my twisties with confidence & on the way back I was able to test that rear found it gripped well. So when the front needs to be replaced it will be the BT010 as I do like the better grip for the twisties.

Have a '97 Yamaha YZF600r & once I had gone through the Bridgestone BT56 tyres I put on a set of Metzelar MZ-E2 which have a harder compound in the center & sticky material to the sides. Simply excellent & put on another set. Both rear & front will have to be changed soon & I do have a rear tyre down at the Yamaha shop being last of the MZ-E2 (I have left in my stock) I will put on the rear while front might be a Bridestone BT010.
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