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jasonf said:
It's that 220, dude. There's so much tire that it all wants to touch down. Go back to a 180 and you'll be happy and straight at 165.
Wha??? 220 is not the aspect ratio of the tire, it's the actual model of tire produced by Dunlop.

I had the same problem right after I got my Avon ST A45/46 combo installed. At about 80 mph the bike had this horrid weave to it, any faster and it become dangerous. I brought it back to the place I had the tires installed to get the balance checked and everything was fine. Called Avon and they said to put a few heat cycles in them and the weave will disappear. Basically the tires were out of round due to the way they had been stored, after being heated and cooled a few times they conform to the wheel and become round.

After a few rides the problem went away.

...yeah, and to you people who think 130 is fast? 130 mph is nothing. I cruise at 130 mph if the conditions allow for it. So yeah, it's important to me that my bike rides straight all the way up to top speed.
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